Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our cow died, so I don't need your bull.

Can I start out saying I really miss my friend Jose. Jose Cuervo that is, LOL. I have been craving margaritas for such a long time, and being pregnant basically non-stop since April 2002 doesn't leave me much chance to enjoy a margarita or two (or three or four;). Maybe for New Years I may make me some, but who knows.

I have been running around feeling like I am doing alot. Yet when I look back on it, I haven't don't much of anything. I feel like I am doing that whole hurry up and wait thing right now. I want to send paperwork to Lale so that he can fill it out/sign it etc. etc. so that he can get it back to me, but I can't do anything until this baby is born. I want to go through the summer clothes that we aren't using now that fall has *FINALLY* arrived, and pack them up and send them down, but come April/May/June we are going to need to pull them out again. AARRRGGG Everything I want to do right now, I really can't.

On Sunday I talked to Lale again and he was telling me that the cuidandero (the guy who was staying at our house until Sunday so that Lale could do everything he needed to do) called him early Saturday morning and told him something bad happened and to hurry up and get to the house. Lale was worried that someone came and stole the cows and other animals, but thats not what happened. It seems that there was a feeding trough built for the cows, and this cow somehow ended up in there - it either fell, or was pushed - and because the trough is so narrow, the cow ended up on his (her?) back and spent the better part of the night fighting to try to turn over, but couldn't. So he ended up dying early Saturday morning. The good thing was that the cow was found right around the time he died so they were able to use all of that meat. Everyone in the family ate well with lots of beef on Saturday and Sunday. (and to make it even better, on Saturday, Zuleta dropped off a box that my sister in law sent - and in it were tons of spices and stuff, so the meat was well seasoned, LOL)

I asked him about pictures, and he said he would take pictures once the house was completely done, however I told him I wanted them by Christmas and to hurry up and get them done. Hopefully he will, because I am excited to see pictures of the house, and I want to share them with you all too.


Megan said...

Hi! Thank you for your comment. I went out last night and bought some Crocs shoes. They feel awesome and my feet hardly hurt today! They hurt some, but not as bad as the 1st day of work!

But unfortunately, there is a new rule at my work that JUST came out today. The shoes MUST be white. NO MORE Crocs and to top THAT off no shoes like Crocs at all! Has to be white sneakers!

Argh I was SO mad and just shocked! But I've been doing what you suggested: Soaking 'em in Epsom salts with warm water. It helped some. I also took 2 Ibuprofens today, one in the morning and then 4-5 hours later, another one. Right now my feet hurt a teeny bit but I HOPE it's because of the foot exercises I've been doing along with the Ibuprofen and NOT b/c of the shoes!

Honduras Sprout said...

I keep leaving messages and forget to type in that little word code and then my messages get deleted.

Basically I said:

Poor 'ol Bessy

Been there done that hurry up and wait thing

mmm...margaritas. :P

LaGringaMasBella said...

Could there be cow tipping rednecks in Honduras too? LOL

Sorry ... but I'm from Kentucky (originally) and down there, cowtipping is more like a way of life. I have SOME experience. :)