Thursday, October 18, 2007

The old lady just wanted some eggs...

I talked to Lale last night, and he was telling me that earlier that day he was working on the outside of the house, and an older lady walked by the house. He said hi, and continued working on the house. He said the woman stopped in front of the house and just stood there watching him, shifting from one foot to the other foot. Finally after about 10 minutes of just looking and staring at him she finally cleared her throat and said -

"Perdon, senor. Por casualidad usted tiene huevos" (translation - Excuse me sir, do you by chance have any eggs) He said he had to bite his tongue not to laugh. As he was telling me, I was laughing too.

For those who don't understand what is funny, in spanish, they say "huevos" (eggs) for testicles. And no she wasn't asking him that - she saw a chicken running around and wanted to know if the chicken had laid any eggs - but still, it was funny.

Also he said on Tuesday three little girls from the area were walking around near the house, and the littlest one, who he said was maybe 4 or 5 began to talk to him She asked him what he was doing, and he said he was trying to finish the floors and the kitchen in the house. She then asked him if that was his house. He smiled and said yeah it is. So she responded that she didn't believe him. When he asked her why she said - We heard that una Gringa is going to live there. Everyone in the aldea is talking about having a gringa come and live in Novio. Great - I am famous before I even get there, LOL. I wonder when I do finally get there if everyone will come to see me do normal daily things.

I remember when I was in Honduras when I got married in 2003, and I was in Sava, at a friends house, and this little girl was walking in the street and when she saw me she stopped and walked up to the fence to just stare. I smiled at her and said "Hola" and she ran away. Then about ten minutes later she came back with no less than twenty other kids, all of them hanging on the fence staring at me. Again I said "Hola" and this time they ALL ran away screaming. Did I look that bad? LOL.


Honduras Sprout said...

That is one thing about living in a small town. But it even happens here in our colonia. We are so close, everyone can hear and see each other's business. Unfortunately.

Aaron Ortiz said...

That is so HILARIOUS! LOL!

LaGringaMasBella said...

Did Lale have any huevos for la señora? J/K

I thought I would get a lot of attention on my first trip to Mexico but I didn't.

I guess my dark hair and medium skin tone threw most people off. A few people that looked me in the eye picked up on the blue and those that I spoke with picked up my second hand Spanish.

But honey as tall as you are ... you'll be a celeb real quick!