Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It was like going shopping at Wal*Mart with you...

Well it seems that most of my decisions as far as what I am going to bring with me has already been made, LOL.

My husband called me last night to fill me in on his weekend, and he told me that he went shopping yesterday. Not to long ago, the store where my sister in law Oni works (Comercial Rosy) burned down, so they were having a clearance sale on everything that was in the fire. (did the last sentence cause alarms to go off for any of you?)

He said he went to see what they had and forgot where he was, and spent all sorts of money. He said it was like going shopping at Wal*Mart with me. Now let me explain that comment. It makes it sound like when we go to Wal*Mart, I spend all of his money. But that isn't how it is, LOL. When we go to Wal*Mart I have my list, and pretty much stick to it, with the exception of a few items. He goes with the plan to buy nothing, and his part of the bill is always at least $250.00, usually more.

Anyway - so he went *just* to check out and see what they have. He left with a fridge, a stove, a freezer, a couch, an entertainment center, a dinning room table and chairs - for FOUR. Um we are a family of 11 - him and I, my seven, plus Sendi and Gisela, when they come and visit, not sure how 11 people are going to fit around a table meant for FOUR. He also got a couple of end tables and a coffee table I think. It was a long list of things. Some of those things we already have, and already had planned that I would bring. Like the BRAND NEW freezer that is sitting in my kitchen. He said everything is in great shape, just the fridge is sort of smokey looking, but a can of paint can take care of that. LOL. More stuff that he has to take pictures of for me. He better get moving with taking some pictures! I want to see my house, and how well he is decorating it (or not, LOL)

He also asked me to go on our roof to take down the two Directv antennas to send to him so that we can get Directv at the house. Can I say, thats not going to happen. I am 9 months pregnant, and I am not hauling my big butt on the roof. Even if I wasn't pregnant, I am not hauling my big butt on the roof. I also told him this BEFORE he left, and told him to take them down, but his answer to me? There isn't Directv in Honduras (and this is AFTER I showed him the website showing that there is Directv in Honduras, LOL). Its a good thing the landlord wants to take them down. I talked to him today, and he will take down teh two on top of our roof, and the one he has on top of his roof so that I can send three down at some point.

I thought I would share a little slide show of some of my in-laws in Honduras. These pictures were taken at my mother and father in laws 50th wedding anniversary party back in March of this year. The pictures are sub-titled, just put your mouse over the picture to see the subtitles to see who everyone is.

Just a quick rundown on who everyone is -

  • Gloria (not pictured) is my sister in law who is here in the US
  • Oni is a sister in law
  • Beto is a brother in law
  • Chepe is a brother in law
  • Don Toyano - (Victoriano) is my father in law
  • Dona Toya - (Victoria) is my mother in law
  • Chunga is a sister in law
  • Chungo is Chunga's husband
  • Tia Minga is Don Toyano's sister - who anytime she gets a microphone she forgets what she is doing and they literally have to steal the microphone back. In the video of the party after the anniversary the last 45 minutes is her with the micr0phone talking about any and everything, and arguing with the people that she will NOT give back the microphone until she is done. The tape ran out and she was still talking, LOL.
  • Gisela is my step daughter

I think that covers everyone that is in the pictures, if i missed someone and you want to know who it is, just leave me a comment asking and I will gladly tell you.


MadMad said...

Oh, my Lord, I have a new hero! Dear God, woman, how do you do it?! Though I'm so glad to hear you DIDN'T get up on that roof...!

onthegomom said...

I about fell off my chair for "He also asked me to go on our roof to take down the two Directv antennas"! Thank God you didn't do that (I laughed AFTER I read you didn't do it!!). I agree 100%, I wouldn't of completed that task NOT being pregnant, let alone days away from giving birth. Men.... gotta love them!


LaGringaMasBella said...

Hmmm...my husband has asked me to do some pretty outrageous things too.

Ya have to admit, pregnant or not, climbing on top of the roof is definitely something that not all women will do.

I'm glad that the landlord is nice enough to climb up for ya because I can imagine hearing Nancy Grace talk about this headline.

(Pregnant mother climbs to roof and ...)

Not good!

If you fell the media would swear it was suicide (maternal depression or something) and no one would no that Lale asked you to climb the roof.

Do stay grounded. :)